1:1 Marketing

1 to 1 solutions allow corporations to create high-value, customized marketing collateral, while reducing costs and maintaining brand image and integrity. Its easy-to-use browser interface enables sales, marketing and customer service departments to expand their capabilities and empower their teams to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness – anywhere, anytime. Collateral can be customized to specific groups then personalized with the recipient’s information creating one-to-one marketing pieces.

1 to 1 Applications

Web Inquiry Fulfillment (internet-based): individuals inquiring about products and services fill out a Web form and submit their information. Within minutes of their request, a customized and personalized marketing piece is sent as a PDF email attachment containing targeted content specific to their interests. The same document can also be printed and mailed or the web inquiry can trigger additional marketing collateral to be sent completing the sales cycle. Additionally, workflow can be incorporated notifying sales that an inquiry has been made.

Corporate Resource Center (internet-based): through a secure site, corporate users including sales, marketing & customer service access collateral templates for further customization and personalization. Images and text are selected to create a versioned marketing piece specifically tailored to the recipients interests. A contact address book option allows the user to personalize the document which is then printed and mailed (or sent as an email attachment).

Co-Branding (internet-based): through a secure site, channel partners (distributors, resellers) have access to corporation’s branded marketing collateral templates. Partners can customize the document with their logo and address, and specific information related to their company. This allows the corporation to maintain brand image and integrity on a local level while giving partners a marketing tool for versioned collateral to increase sales.

Benefits of 1 to 1 Marketing Solutions

Ensure Brand Integrity

Increase your teams’ effectiveness: empower partners to create strategic co-branded, customized sales materials in a brand-controlled manner to their high-value customers effortlessly over the Web.

Increase Control: collateral templates allow corporate users to easily utilize effective marketing materials with consistent brand elements designed and approved by corporate marketing departments.

Secure Infrastructure: maintains data integrity and privacy through password-protected access.

Program your level of supervision: allow users to order freely or set up specific approval processes that mirrors you current workflow.

Reduce Costs: once templates are created, costs to create customized sales materials are minimized due to reduced turnaround times, revisions, and proofs.

Always on, anywhere, anytime ordering: now your team can go online and order always up-to-date marketing material in real time from anywhere over the Internet and have collateral fulfilled in days versus weeks; all they need is a Web browser, username and password.

Reduce Waste: just-in-time collateral is electronically stored then produced when it is needed; avoiding costly storage, shipping and obsolete material disposal costs.