Reverse IP Lookup

What is it:

Reverse IP lookup allows a company to identify the visitors coming to their websites and collect their personal information like address, age, name, sex, place of employment, data of birth etc.


Our Solution:

Our Reverse IP Solution called Digital2Doorstep™ is the first and only marketing-technology service of its kind. Powered by our advanced big-data analytics platform InsiderData360™, Digital2Doorstep™ has the ability to identify who is coming to your website as well as what that person or business is interested in. This ability allows us to Hyper-Target the audience that is most likely to convert. This new level of hyper-targeting is backed by the most recent neuromarketing studies. Pairing digital traffic with tangible, creative, direct mail, Digital2Doorstep™ cuts marketing costs and increases their returns, while requiring minimal effort from you, the business owner.

Steps Involved:

1.  A prospect visits your website

2.  D2D is able to identify the visitor as well the web content being viewed

3.  Drew & Rogers will mail out a custom-tailored mailer to the prospect

4.  Prospect receives the offer and responds

5.  Prospect is now a customer

 Digital AdsDirect MailHyper-Targeted Mail
Pricing based onCompetition & ClicksGeolocation RegionAffordable Fixed Price
The Exposure is…Oversaturated50/50 InterestInterested Prospects
Typical Conversion Rate~3-5%~4-10%~12-18%
Touch Point ApproachFirst TouchFirst TouchLast Touch (Top Conversion)
Can Be Segmented byGeolocation Income PagesGeolocation IncomeGeolocation Income Revenue Pages

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is D2D legal?

­Yes! Digital2Doorstep’s procurement of data is fully compliant with all data protection laws on a local, state, and federal level. All of our data is collected from public databases, and the information is not accumulated with intent to sell on a large scale to a third party, we fully adhere to all known privacy laws in the USA. We continue to monitor any updates or changes to these data protection laws, and intend to fully comply with any that should arise.

­Is the data accurate?

Yes, we utilize our proprietary technology and other techniques to analyze over 47 data repositories. This allows us to apply an accuracy rating to the data. We only provide data that receives a high accuracy rating.

Am I liable for the lost or stolen data?

No, because all the data is a matter of public record. If it is lost or stolen, there are no liabilities to this public data.

How can I use the data safely?

Our first recommendation would be using the addresses collected to send creatively-designed mailers to individuals’ homes. You are not allowed to send out bulk emails, texts or make robocalls. One-on-one contact is allowed and recommended. ­

What is the best way to use the data?

The technology provides an all-encompassing view of your website traffic and the individuals that visit. Using the technology to boost sales is a great plan, along with tailoring your marketing strategies for a one-two punch